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Discussion about Primecoin and its infra. Primecoin is a very innovative cryptocurrency, being the 1st non Hash-Cash PoW crypto, naturally scarce (not artificially), with very fast confirmations (1min), elastic readjusting reward & a useful mining (byproducts are primes). Primecoin is sustainable (miners are guaranteed to have revenues), and decentralized (ASIC/FPGA are not particularly advantaged). Sidechain for decentralized data applications (e.g. Storj) currently in development.

Multi Mining

This subreddit is dedicated to profit based coin mining pools.

GPU acceleration of full nodes like Bitcoin Core? (NOT mining) - 2

from: https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/csq7n8/gpu_acceleration_of_full_nodes_like_bitcoin_core/
" Hi all – Do you think Bitcoin Core and other full node implementations might benefit from GPU acceleration?
Note that I don't mean mining – I mean pure node operations, validation, etc."
Hello I consider it a very actual requirement since there is new hardware that allows "low cost" GPUs. I am using jetson nano for a full node but the resynchronization time takes a lot and it seems like CPU limit.
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Grin Coin & MimbleWimble is Bitcoin 2.0? Ultimate Review - GPU Mining Guide for Windows

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Valuation of BTCP in perspective

Is Bitcoin Private just another Zcash with a different name? No, first of all it has ZCL's freedom from founders tax, but most of all it brings Zcash's key features to the very latest Bitcoin 0.16 (later 0.17) code and eco-system. This will be very unique feature and a reason to exist in itself! Currently, BTCP is being traded at $5.96. If the BTCP coinbase should be valued by Zcash's $880 285 594 market cap, then BTCP would currently have a comparable bear-market price of only $42.93.
What about other Bitcoin forks? Bitcoin Private "followed" a few others (though not comparable, since BTCP has a lot more active development) that became quite successful in the trading market, but completely lacks all kinds of privacy.
The USP of Bitcoin Cash is using larger blocks than 1MB in a Bitcoin. Bitcoin Private has absorbed this feature, in addition to all other features Bitcoin Private will be offering on top of it. Currently, BTCP is being traded at $5.96. If the BTCP coinbase should be valued by Bitcoin Cash's $13 009 341 909 market cap, BTCP would currently have a comparable bear-market price of only $634.47.
The USP of Bitcoin Gold is being a decentralized Bitcoin based on GPU-mining. Bitcoin Private has absorbed this feature, in addition to be put on top of all other features Bitcoin Private will be offering on top of it. Currently, BTCP is being traded at $5.96. If the BTCP coinbase should be valued by Bitcoin Gold's $465 414 261 market cap, BTCP would currently have a bear-market price of only $22.70.
But there are other non-zkSNARKs "privacy coins" that uses various obfuscations techniques (aren't they all proven to be not 100% safe?). Bitcoin Private will eat most of these obfuscation features as a complement to proper shielded transactions in Q4, when Dandelion/TOetc is being implemented.
Monero's $1 994 886 372 market cap equals to a bear-market BTCP price of only: $97.29
Dash's $1 773 276 834 market cap equals to a bear-market BTCP price of only: $86.48
Verge's $337 888 842 market cap equals to a bear-market BTCP price of only: $16.48
One thing you notice a lot these days, are troll-minions rushing in on all social media with their relatively new accounts, pointing out how ZCL is traded for a higher price than BTCP (so is BTC BTW ;-) ).
A few things you should keep in mind regarding ZCL:
  1. ZCL Is a dead-end shit-coin that is only used for auto-switched Equihash mining combined with auto-trading (dumping) on pools like Miningpoolhub.
  2. It has a normal trading price of, what, ~8 dollars?
  3. It is currently being pumped to $14.48
So no, ZCL is not worth more than BTCP, not even in current pump-mode!
The BTCP circulating supply used for these calculation: 20 504 228
BTW, I think it's interesting that BTCP currently has $531 K worth of trading volume while trading at only a $5.96 price. Doesn't this mean that twice as many BTCP coins are being bought daily now than during ATH in late April?
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One Click Miner

I was listening to a interview with Richard Heart, Bitcoin Maximalist and he said the strongest the Bitcoin network has ever been was when people were gpu mining Bitcoin and running full nodes on their cpu.
30,000 nodes compared to 8,000 nodes & 1,500 LN nodes
Does VTC one click miner have an option to run full node and mine? If Vertcoin had everyone mining also running a node we could easily raise our network value
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I am looking to run windows 10 and mine bitcoin. I don't care that no one does it any longer. I have 2 gpu's and a fast cpu. I need software to get going

I would like to join a pool, locally if possible. just want to see how this whole thing works
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Grin Coin & MimbleWimble is Bitcoin 2.0? Ultimate Review - GPU Mining Guide for Windows

Grin Coin & MimbleWimble is Bitcoin 2.0? Ultimate Review - GPU Mining Guide for Windows submitted by SummerBolt to CryptoMarkets [link] [comments]

Grin Coin & MimbleWimble is Bitcoin 2.0? Ultimate Review - GPU Mining Guide for Windows

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[uncensored-r/btc] www.Altcryptoshop.com - Professional Mining Rigs & Hardware Parts.

The following post by Altcryptoshop is being replicated because the post has been openly removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link:
np.reddit.com/ btc/comments/7yalau
The open modlog reason it was removed as reported by /btc was: spam
The original post's content was as follows:
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Website: Https:// Altcryptoshop.com
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A short clip of one of my server racks of 10 rigs, 4 gpu's each mining bitcoins. Been running this for almost 2 years now!

A short clip of one of my server racks of 10 rigs, 4 gpu's each mining bitcoins. Been running this for almost 2 years now! submitted by Internet151 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

A suggestion to promote adoption.

This is a throwaway account, not for privacy, but because I only snipe-in reddit accounts when I have something to say. Who I am: I switched from GPU mining bitcoin to mining litecoin in the first week of february 2013. At the time, I was only looking at my bottom line and speculating. And waiting, because, at the same time, I also placed a very large order with Butterfly Labs (BFL). (BFL sucks, don't ever order from them etc etc)
I've learned a lot, and I'm now a cryptocurrency fanatic. I still look at my bottom line, but I also feel like I'm part of something bigger.
I'm an independent miner. I convert enough of my earnings into fiat in order to pay for electricity and rent. The rest I hold because I see the enormous potential for cryptocurrency. I've tried day-trading, but I'm far too emotional. Maybe I could learn how, but I'd rather buy a bot. I'm also very suspicious about charts and trends. They seem short-sighted and cyclic, they seem to always see the trend, until something happens. Looking at a market through the abstract lense of pattern-finding is stupid. Markets don't follow patterns forever. I firmly believe that the value of a cryptocurrency is directly correlated to its hashrate. So, I like bitcoin and litecoin. My emotional response to the drop in LTC is to abandon ship, but then sensible me reminds me that the litecoin hashrate is rising, and will rise, for months. There is room for two blockchains, especially for arbitrage between exchanges...
Anyway, I'm just typing away as usual, so maybe I have to add a tl;dr at the end. My reason for posting this topic "A suggestion to promote adoption" is that I just downloaded a(n open domain) pdf from thepiratebay.
You can currently see that the from page at thepiratebay is an image of two of the founders, who are now in prison. I'm posting this because I saw that they accept LTC as a donated cryptocurrency.
We should take a page from the Dogecoin community (maybe invite Dogecoin to help) and blow up the LTC donation address. It would make news, and help stem the tide of dismissing Litecoin. What do you guys, and Shibes, think?
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Anyone can mine #BTG! 1. Read the tutorial. 2. Choose a pool. 3. Set up your miner. -> bitcoingold.org/for-miners/ #BitcoinGold #GPUMining #GPU #Bitcoin #BTC #blockchain

Anyone can mine #BTG! 1. Read the tutorial. 2. Choose a pool. 3. Set up your miner. -> bitcoingold.org/for-miners/ #BitcoinGold #GPUMining #GPU #Bitcoin #BTC #blockchain submitted by Asabmoni to BitcoinGoldHQ [link] [comments]

Nvidia Titan V GPU launches for a price of $2,999 to speed up AI processing (and bitcoin mining)

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I present to you the Ghetto GPU Mining Rig 2.8. Held together with zip ties, Velcro, and cooled by a stand up fan. /r/Bitcoin

I present to you the Ghetto GPU Mining Rig 2.8. Held together with zip ties, Velcro, and cooled by a stand up fan. /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

How to learn a lesson the Hard way.

It started back when DOGE was on the rise and GPU mining Bitcoin was useless. I heard alot about doge so I decided to give it a shot. In 3 days I earned roughly 15k Doge worth about $5 at the time. I was camping that weekend so I had my pool miner auto cash every 1000 Doge to my Doge wallet on my phone. I was very excited for it was the first glimpse of Doge but then life struck me. At school after that weekend I was texting on my phone. Then some random dumbass runs by and knocks my phone out of my hand. It was almost like time slowed down because I had just taken the case off to clean it moments before. I Picked it up and it was broken. So I took it to the sprint store and they "FIXED" it. When it was finished charging I was shot down to see that they didn't fix it but they replaced it with a new one. The message of the story is to back up your damn private keys. Thanks for Reading and Goodnight.
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Where did i deposit my namecoins?

Hey guys, a while ago I was gpu mining bitcoin on btcguild, they did merged mining so I got some namecoins also. Soon mining became unprofitable and I stopped, I kept the bitcoin and then transferred the namecoins to some website. I know the wallet address that I transferred the namecoins to, the problem is that I've forgotten which website i have to go to, to access the wallet. Is there a way to determine which website i have to go to, to access the wallet form the wallet address that I have? Thanks for any help.
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A PoW hardfork will solve a lot more problems long term for Bitcoin than a UASF. My case for a PoW hardfork with or without a UASF

For a long time I thought hardforking the PoW in Bitcoin would be disastrous. The security falling apart etc etc. In reality if Bitcoin hardforked to an egalitarian proof of work that equals the playing field for all miner participants the security of the network would be far stronger than today's reliance on China's warehouse mining operations as well as take the power back as users. Users were always supposed to be miners, but when ASICs became popular only very wealthy individuals have been able to feasibly mine, thus keeping the users left out of consensus in the network.
There are very few PoWs that are truly egalitarian for miners with either CPU, GPU, or ASIC to all be on very similar playing fields for hash/$.
My proposal is Cryptonight being the candidate for the PoW change. For those unaware, Cryptonight is a PoW that is prevalent in Cryptonote coins like Monero for example. Cryptonight has existed for roughly 3 years and in this time span ASICs still do not exist, presumably because the financial incentive does not exist in cryptonote coins but there surely would be in Bitcoin if it were to use Cryptonight.
Cryptonight has a memory-hard properties that give GPUs roughly 3x more performance over CPUs, which is quite astounding because the only other memory-hard PoW that has similar qualities to Cryptonight is Cuckoo Cycle, but recently Cuckoo Cycle has a much larger gap between CPU and GPU performance. GPUs being between 15-20x more efficient than CPUs.
Cryptonight requires 2MB of memory for an AES scratchpad that is very expensive to parallelize. Cryptonight ASICs would have a similar performance gap like CPUs and GPUs currently have(roughly 3x). GPU miners and even CPU miners would still be able to compete with ASIC miners greatly decentralizing the hashrate in the Bitcoin network and allowing regular users to voice their opinion through hashrate once again like pre-ASIC days of Bitcoin.
There are many people who would love to be able to CPU or GPU mine bitcoin. Every GPU miner that mines alts would jump ship very quickly because most miners convert back to bitcoin anyway. I have a 6 GPU rig kicking around and spare laptops that I would love to use for CPU mining, I know I am not the only one here. Bitcoin would steal the show for miners if CPU and GPU mining made a comeback with a Cryptonight PoW hardfork.
China would no longer have an iron grasp over the network allowing decentralized consensus to exist and softforks like segwit and other changes getting activated would be reflected accordingly to the community of miners and not what lines the pockets of chinese miners.
The key here is accessibility and Cryptonight PoW would still surely have large GPU mining farms etc but we no longer have to concede to buying overpriced worn-in ASICs that has a shelf life shorter than a year. Every consumer PC would be able to mine on CPU and more dedicated miners today that have GPU rigs would participate.
Cuckoo Cycle is worth noting as a candidate for the PoW hardfork but has not been tested in a single cryptocurrency and would predominantly be GPU miners cutting out miners who would want to use their CPUs.
A UASF is a short-term solution to pushing through segwit. Every upgrade can't and should not be a UASF. Sooner or later action will need to be taken in the form of a PoW hardfork to take back control from chinese ASIC warehouse farms.
I hope a Cryptonight PoW hardfork is seen as a positive change in Bitcoin among the community and we can restore the balance of users having a real voice in the network, not having to rely on chinese miners centralization and finally see a new era of Bitcoin growth and improvement. Bitcoin's halted progress will be stamped out starting with a PoW hardfork.
The Cryptonight specifications are here if anyone is interested in reading more.
Thanks for reading :)
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Bitcoin Breaks 2 Petahashes {GPU Mining Dead}

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Questions, questions, questions....

Hey guys, so I wanted to get into the whole bitcoin thing, and after a little research I came to the conclusion that cpu/gpu mining bitcoins is no longer profitable. Old news to you guys. Looked around some more and people were saying that Litecoin is the way to go for gpu mining.
Ive looked up a few tutorials on how to get started, but I can't seem to find any information on if I would even profit with the current computer I have. I dont wanna go through all this work setting up, just to have a program run on my computer that does nothing overall. Most things I see are about people building mining specific rigs, upgrading or whatever, but upgrading isn't an option for me currently (broke university student).
Could anyone give me some insight on if I should bother with my current specs? I have an intel I7 - 3770 for my processor and an AMD Radeon HD 8570 graphics card.
Another question I have is once I get litecoins, how and when should I trade them for bitcoins? if at all? and finally, lets say I want to cash out, is there any way to get straight up cash? or do I have to make online purchases where these coins are accepted?
EDIT: formatting.
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Cgminer errors with AMD Radeon HD 7450

Having trouble with GPU mining dogecoin. Here are my specs: AMD quad core CPU, 8GB RAM, and AMD Radeon HD 7450 1GB (an OEM HP graphics card, basically a rebranded HD 6450). I have tried Cgminer and GUIminer scrypt alpha. Cgminer has errors shown below, and GUIminer scrypt gets stuck at “Starting…” Also have installed AMD Catalyst 14.1 and OpenCL SDK. Having no problems with CPUminer. I strangely have no problems GPU mining bitcoin with GUIminer (non scrypt version). Read many forum threads about these errors and followed multiple guides with no luck.
This is my cmd output from launching cgminer 3.7.2:
[2014-02-13 20:53:43] Started cgminer 3.7.2
[2014-02-13 20:53:49] Error -11 Building Program (clBuildProgram)
[2014-02-13 20:53:49] C:\Users...\AppData\Local\Temp\OCL57A4.tmp.cl(762):
warning: variable
“ySIZE” was declared but never referenced
const uint ySIZE = (1024/LOOKUP_GAP+(1024%LOOKUP_GAP>0));
LOOK UNROLL: pragma unroll (line 708) Unrolle
[2014-02-13 22:43:53] Failed to init GPU thread 0, disabling device 0
[2014-02-13 22:43:53] Restarting the GPU from the menu will not fix this.
[2014-02-13 22:43:53] Try restarting cgminer.
Launching Cgminer with the following: cgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://pool.dogechain.info:3333 -u username.worker -p password
I cannot think of what else to try. Thanks in advance.
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Theoretically, how much would it cost to reclaim the network and restore transaction services?

So there's a denial of service attack on the network right now, with bcash mining being more profitable thanks to this latest artificial pump.
I remember during the s2x debacle reading about a person with an expensive nvidia card saying they were profitable in mining btc by a combination of rising prices and lower competition (the chinese miners were again mining bitcash in order to make bitcoin's blocks seem small).
So I guess the question is, if the ASIC cats are away and tx numbers being way underserviced either way... Can a pool of 15000 rigs with a couple of expensive cards (vega 64's or 1080ti's) put a dent in the transaction backlog? Can it become marginally profitable to GPU mine bitcoin and help the network out at the same time? It wouldn't be a mining operation as much as an "enhanced node".
Does that make any sense? I'm using 15000 since it's the current active user count on the sub.
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Getting Started Using And Mining Bitcoin - CryptoJunky

First off thanks for creating the new subreddit. I hope to help contribute and turn this into a great place for beginners to get good information on Bitcoin. I've put together some beginner's guides on Bitcoin over the last few months that seem to help a lot of newcomers. If you're interested in basic guides for using and mining Bitcoin, here they are:
If you have questions on these guides, or about anything really in regards to Bitcoin I'd be happy to help.
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XFX ATI Radeon HD 7950 (3072 MB) (FX795ATDBC) Graphics Card is for sale on cryptothrift.com for Bitcoin and Litecoin https://cryptothrift.com/auctions/crypto-mining-gpu/xfx-ati-radeon-hd-7950-3072-mb-fx795atdbc-graphics-card-2/

XFX ATI Radeon HD 7950 (3072 MB) (FX795ATDBC) Graphics Card is for sale on cryptothrift.com for Bitcoin and Litecoin https://cryptothrift.com/auctions/crypto-mining-gpu/xfx-ati-radeon-hd-7950-3072-mb-fx795atdbc-graphics-card-2/ submitted by duetschpire to cryptothrift [link] [comments]

Raspberry Pi 4 Bitcoin Mining For 24 Hours! - YouTube How To Mine 1 Bitcoin in 10 Minutes - Blockchain BTC Miner ... Earn 2 Bitcoin Auto 100% Free New GPU Bitcoin Mining No ... First Day Mining Bitcoin! GTX 1070 GPU - YouTube Updated 2018 How to mine Bitcoin with GPU Video Card ... Should YOU be GPU MINING Cryptocurrency in 2020?! - YouTube ⚡️In 2 Minuten selbst Mining betreiben, OHNE technisches ... MASSIVE Crypto Mining Farm Tour  Bitcoin, Dash, and GPU ... Does 2 Years of Mining Ruin A Graphics Card? - YouTube Legit Free Bitcoin Mining CPU+gpu  Free Bitcoin Miner ...

Das CPU-Mining war nur ganz am Anfang der Bitcoin-Ära effizient möglich. Zwischenzeitlich stieg die Szene während des „Bitcoin-Goldrauschs“ der letzten Jahre deshalb auf das sogenannte GPU ... Our GPU Bitcoin mining can help you to double up your investment in a short time. Our specially designed infrastructure can help the user to earn free bitcoin from our basic plans and can earn free bitcoin from our powerful affiliate program. If you are new to bitcoin? Earn bitcoin free from world free bitcoin miner. You can start bitcoin mining online, From any corner of the world, you can ... 1. CGMiner [macOS/Windows/Linux] One of the most popular and best-rated software for mining Bitcoin is CGMiner. It’s available on Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it an extremely versatile option. Um Bitcoin Mining zu betreiben, müssen Sie einem Miningpool beitreten, was zusätzliche Kosten verursacht. Für das Mining benötigen Sie entsprechende Hardware. Auch hier kommen Kosten auf Sie zu. Je nachdem, wie leistungsfähig Ihr Bitcoin Miner sein soll, zahlen Sie bis zu 2.000 Euro. Es ist nicht bekannt, ob sich Mining auch in Zukunft noch lohnen wird. Wenn Sie nicht genau wissen, was ... Für das GPU-Mining werden zwar sehr Leistungsstarke GPU’s (Grafikkarten) benötigt, ... Deutlicher Kursgewinn beim Bitcoin; Werbung beim Mycelium Wallet? Affiliate Link / Werbung. Bitcoin: 13.383,97260 € 10,02 % : Ethereum: 369,61690 € 8,30 % : Tether: 0,85020 € -0,08 % : XRP: 0,21540 € 5,95 % : Bitcoin Cash: 215,96130 € 4,49 % : Affiliate Link / Werbung. Crypto Assets Conference ... Mining ist ein Transaktionsprotokollprozess mit Bitcoins zu blockchain - der öffentlichen Datenbank aller Operationen mit Bitcoin, die für die Transaktionsbestätigung verantwortlich ist. Netzwerkknoten verwenden Blockchain, um die tatsächlichen Transaktionen von dem Versuch zu unterscheiden, die gleichen Einrichtungen zweimal zu verwenden. Der Grund dafür liegt ganz einfach darin, da hier nur 2 GPU’s pro System verbaut worden sind. Natürlich sprechen auch viele Punkte für ein GPU-Mining-Rig mit 4, 5 oder gar 6 GPU’s doch ein passendes Gehäuse für diese Systeme gibt es oft nicht, sodass sich solche Mining-Rigs eher schwer im privaten Haushalt oder im Rechenzentrum unterbringen lassen. Dies gilt Kann zum Mining in einem Pool oder Solo verwendet werden. - Phoenix miner-Veröffentlicht in 2011. Kostenlos und Open Source. - Poclbm: Windows, Mac : Python/OpenCL GPU miner (GUI (Windows and MacOS X)) - Poclbm-mod-Effizientere Version von Poclbm (GUI). - Pyminer-Erschienen 2011. CPU Mining-Client. - Remote Miner-Open-Source-Bitcoin-Mining ...

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Raspberry Pi 4 Bitcoin Mining For 24 Hours! - YouTube

If you want to exchange your bitcoins for other crypto: (Ethereum, XRB, Litecoin) this is a handy exchange: https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=256xvI have a video on h... #Bitcoin #Altcoins #mining Ich zeige euch, wie man blitzschnell selbst Mining betreiben kann. Dafür habe ich euch 2 super einfache Tools rausgesucht: 1. Hone... Is GPU mining still worth it? Is GPU mining profitable in 2020?! We review GPU mining profitable and the best graphics cards for mining in 2020 along with CP... What it really takes to mine a Bitcoin in 10 Minutes. Firstly I'll show you a special free method to mine Bitcoin and send funds directly to your wallet in 10 m... Do you have any horror stories from ex-mining cards that you've purchased? Any recommendations for making sure you're buying a card that won't explode on you... No Deposit 2 Bitcoin Auto New GPU Bitcoin Mining 100% Free and Fast withdraw part 2 https://bit.ly/3bB3eTf https://bit.ly/3bK2ihd https://bit.ly/3lPVT8Z http... https://bit.ly/2uehZf3 https://bit.ly/2BjoUa7 https://bit.ly/2P1tNsD https://bit.ly/2UaAmMb bitcoin sell or buy contact us https://t.me/onlinetrust https://f... Buy Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB: https://amzn.to/2tlBfGW How to Setup a Raspberry Pi 4 Bitcoin Mining Rig w/ Bitmain AntMiner U3: https://youtu.be/dPWTSytzN7g... First Day Mining Bitcoin in 2018 and I gotta say it was really easy to start. I found a computer for a 1,000 bucks with a Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU which is one of... Take a walk through a massive crypto mining farm, this video tour and interview will walk you through one of the biggest mining farms in the world. Subscribe...